Commander Coola 2D iPhone Action Jump'n'Run

  • 35 exciting stages in 4 chapters

    35 adventurous challenging stages in four unique and different locations around the world. Be ready for some really difficult stages!

  • Easy to learn controls

    Super easy usage like a Super Nintendo controller. You don't have to learn anything new!

  • All good things come from above

    Discover new areas with your parachute and grab as many coins as you can in several bonus stages.

  • 10 different enemies and hazards

    Soldiers, crazy mercenary, tanks, laser, spikes, abysses and a lot more.

  • Gamecenter

    Unlock achievements and get more gamer points! Beat the highscore in a worldwide leaderboard!

  • Other Features

    • Teleporter!
    • Cool 8-bit music
    • Different weather
    • Movable blocks and platforms
    • Special items

    Plattfrom iOS 4.2 - iPhone 3GS / iPhone 4 / iPhone 4S / iPod Touch
    Price 1.99 $
    Release Date March 2012


Contact / Support

For any bugs or problems you encounter while playing Commander Cool, please contact us.

Twitter: @CommanderApp